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Heavenly Treasures Has Trending Men’s Bracelets

Posted by MattC at 10:13 pm on June 07 2012
Heavenly Treasures has a wide selection of men’s jewelry as well. Some of the more popular items to date are their men’s bracelets and rings. From bands to chainlink, these items are known for being cool spring and summer accessories for men. You can wear them out for a night on the town, on a date, for concerts, and a day at the beach. They come in a variety of metals from titanium to...

Slick Deal for an Emergency Battery Charger

Posted by HeinreichS at 3:48 pm on May 31 2012
Ever forgotten to bring your charger on an important business trip?  Need a way to keep your mobile device fully charged on the road? 

Slick Deals, Cheap Vitamins

Posted by timd at 6:14 pm on May 30 2012
It turns out that just eating pizza and cheeseburgers when you hit your thirties can be a bit of a detriment to your health. Apparently there are whole groups of foods that you are supposed to be eating called fruits and vegetables and orange juice and onion rings barely count. Who knew? That said I might not be ready to fully upend my diet just yet. Getting an array of fresh produce on a regular basis...

Summer Fun in the Sun

Posted by kristing at 7:10 pm on May 29 2012
It’s that time of year again! Summer! It’s time for warm weather, bathing suits, poolside festivities, and beach going. It’s the time when sunscreen is applied liberally and the libations follow suit. It’s the perfect time for summer, outside partying. What better way to enjoy the outdoors and a cold beer than with a theme party? How about you throw a pirate themed party? Why...

Snap Phone Photos Anywhere

Posted by kristing at 9:06 pm on May 22 2012
Check out this slick deal on something we could all use. How many times have we been out and about and wanted to take a group shot or a time release picture with our iPhones but not been able to because we don’t have anywhere to set the phone? Now, serious iPhone photographers are turning to products like the iPhone tripod holder for the newer model phones. This works like any camera mount....


Posted by OrenS at 9:35 pm on May 21 2012
As billionaires play an increasingly outsized role in our political process many are coming under fire. Just recently some left leaning organizations called for a boycott of Ameritrade due to the racially charged ads the companies CEO, Joe Ricketts, had planned. This comes on the heels of deal news surrounding boycotts of organization associated with ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) due...

Protecting Your Identity With This Slick Deal

Posted by HeinreichS at 5:49 pm on May 17 2012
Worried about someone rifling through your tossed out papers and junk mail?  Do you want to protect the identities of everyone in your home from being taken and used for nefarious means?  This slick deal will certainly help you with that: Fellowes Powershred DS-1 11 Sheet Cross-Cut Paper Shredder with Advanced Safety Features. This slick deal can cut up up to 11 sheets at once and cut cut through...

Slick Deals That Are Gluten Free

Posted by timd at 4:25 pm on May 16 2012
Having a gluten allergy is not something that your average foodie will take lightly. Discovering that you have to limit your intakes of breads and pastries can be a rough pill to swallow for even the casually adventurous diner. For many people though this allergy is a regular thing and can cause them a lot of physical duress. As a result adjustments have to be made. Luckily with the increase in diagnosed...

Entertainment On the Road With This Slick Deal

Posted by HeinreichS at 2:30 pm on May 10 2012
Need a little entertainment on the road to satisfy your kids?  Want a little something to tide you over for that long car ride?  Then this slick deal is the thing for you: Philips 7” LCD Single Screen Portable DVD Player with Car Accessories PD7012. For only $49.99 – which is 67% off of the normal retail price of $149.99 – you can make those long trips a bit more easier by watching...

Deal News On Appliances From Drimmers

Posted by timd at 4:54 pm on May 09 2012
There is a lot of deal news out there to be had. Luckily for you and your busy schedule we are constantly combing the web hunting down slick deal after slick deal to share with you. Today we have found something of particular interest to home owners. Drimmers is a great place to browse major home appliances in a general sense but their incredible savings makes them trump even the most trusted departments...

Vertical Turntable Space Saver

Posted by kristing at 2:15 pm on May 08 2012
I still listen to records. I really feel like some records (Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road for example) sound better on vinyl. I have a great collection of old and new recordings and I have a great old-fashioned, wood box, radio/record player in my bedroom. I love to listen to these when I’m cleaning the house or just relaxing around the apartment. I would love to have a player in the living room...

Children: The Money Pit

Posted by OrenS at 9:22 pm on May 07 2012
Anyone who is browsing extreme deals for things like baby toys and formula is already a sucker. Why? Because they had kids in the first place. Kids will cost you an average of around one million dollars over the course of your life. Is it really worth it? Between the cost of food, education, clothes and toys kids will set you back, big. That’s not including the cost of associated heartaches and stress...

Keeping Your Kids Out of Harm’s Way With This Slick Deal

Posted by HeinreichS at 3:19 pm on May 03 2012
Are you worried about your little children getting into the bathroom or kitchen cabinets? 

A Slick Deal On Sheets

Posted by timd at 3:49 pm on May 02 2012
It took me years before I ever even considered buying bed sheets. When I moved out I did so with two sets of sheets for my twin bed. I could rotate the two different colors and wash them almost monthly. Then I got a hand-me-down queen sized bed, once again the bed came complete with two sets of sheets to rotate through. I was sitting pretty and never considering what might happen. As far as I knew...

USB Typewriter

Posted by kristing at 6:56 pm on May 01 2012
As I was looking up the slick deal I saw on a laser keyboard for the iPad and iPhone, I stumbled across something else. See, I have a keyboard for my iPad but the thought of having one made of lasers was too much for me to pass up. But what I found instead was something really cool. File this one under the “I have no idea why but I really want it” category. It’s a USB Typewriter!...

Deals on Pizza

Posted by OrenS at 8:13 pm on April 30 2012
New York City is in the midst of pizza price war. Not only is the city flooded with chain pizza restaurants like Dominos and Pizza Hut but many local pizzerias are offering slices for $1 or even $0.75. This is big deal news for fans of pizza, though fans of high quality food are not thrilled. For those of us who grew up in New York in the 1990s and saw the price of pizza rise from $1.25 dollars to...

Rock Out on a Kinivo Bluetooth FM Transmitter

Posted by kristenm at 1:59 pm on April 24 2012
Not all of us can afford to have totally pimped out cars with thumping bass and a 10-disc changer. Some of us are forced to listen to the sweet (horrible) sounds of the radio –hearing the same 10-15 songs over and over and over. Satellite radio is out of the question too. Luckily most of us have an iPhone/iPod or some sort of smartphone or mp3 player that can store thousands of new tunes on it....

Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter

Posted by kristenm at 3:03 pm on April 17 2012
If you don’t have an Xbox you’re missing out on some awesome video games. The system has been around for years but it’s never too late to get into gaming. Better late than never, right? But the only way to really enjoy such a gaming console is to have it connected to the Internet. And unlike the Playstation 3 which is actually wireless, Xbox actually had the nerve to make you purchase...

Up to 60% Off Ed Hardy Apparel

Posted by kristenm at 6:56 pm on April 09 2012
Receiving discounts on designer clothes is always an amazing feeling. We often like to tell ourselves we don’t need to buy designer clothes to dress nicely, but we’d be lying to ourselves if we tried to pretend that designer clothes didn’t look and feel better. While I can’t justify the exorbitantly high price tags of some designers, there is a reason they are more desirable. If...

Crazy Deal on an Isaac Mizrahi Leather Jacket

Posted by kristenm at 8:21 pm on March 26 2012
What could be better than owning designer clothing? Paying very little for said designer clothing of course. If you’re not familiar with designer Isaac Mizrahi, you should be! Like every other designer, his clothing doesn’t come cheap. But it can if you hop onto Daily Steals right now. They are offering a slick deal on a leather jacket. The jacket comes in five different colors so you don’t...